Catharsis Through Art

Catharsis Through Art

The expression of one’s deepest emotions through art has been an accepted form of psychological healing. In fact, one will find the method of drawing one’s pain, joy and the gamut of emotions, used by teachers, doctors, therapists and other professionals as a form of accessing such feelings and providing an outlet for their release.

It is no secret that the people of Jaffna in Sri Lanka’s north suffered in ineffable ways due to the over three decade-long civil war that took place there. However, now healing has begun, and the resilient people of Jaffna have already put their lives back together and are looking to the future with hope.

The Thinnai, “An All-Suite Boutique Hotel” in Jaffna (a new venture that offers the best in hospitality to travelers, tourists and the Tamil diaspora) has recognized the need to provide a helping hand to the talented youth of Jaffna who have had many an opportunity stolen from them due to the brutality of the war. And so, the hotel organized an Art Exhibition on the 22nd and 23rd of April featuring the creative genius of nine aspiring and talented young artists from the North. The hotel initially called for as many entries as possible for the venture, and then carefully selected the most gifted artists to feature in the exhibition.

It was an inspirational event, with the chosen artists putting brush to canvas and paper to paint their hardships, the challenges, the loss and the occasional hope of war. The experience of viewing such art was truly humbling, and not one visitor to the exhibition went away without a heart full of emotion and a general feeling of gratitude.

The Thinnai must be lauded for such an effort to foster the talents of the youth of Jaffna, while giving them the opportunity to engage in a cathartic experience at the same time. No doubt, the artists too, discovered more about themselves in the process and will take their experiences further in allowing for greater opportunities in future.