Hospitable Jaffna: Why It’s Worth a Visit

Hospitable Jaffna: Why It’s Worth a Visit

Those who have the wanderlust will always want to see as much of the world as they can. And if Sri Lanka is on your itinerary, then Jaffna in the North is an essential part of it.

Not too long ago, the northernmost part of Sri Lanka, and even the East, was out of bounds to local and international visitors, with the country going through a civil war. But now, a new era has dawned; the war is a thing of the past, and Jaffna is reaping its benefits.

Its people are friendly, welcoming and hail from a background of tradition and culture. The Tamils, or Jaffna Tamils as they are known, are proud of their heritage and seek to preserve it in every aspect of their lives. Visit Jaffna and you’ll see the truth behind this. The buildings, the temples, the homes, the music and food are all a testament to a glorious and well-preserved past.

There isn’t a home in Jaffna that will not welcome a visitor with open arms and satisfy their hunger and thirst with some home-made wadey or a cup of tea. The aroma of freshly-picked flowers and incense at the kovils will permeate the surroundings and draw you in. The serenity of it all is baffling. It is a vibrant and bustling city, but remains calm and peaceful, something which envelopes its visitors and makes them want to stay on.

There are so many sights to see in Jaffna as well, from the Jaffna Fort to the Bottomless Well of Nilavarai, The Nagadeepa Temple and the Jaffna Library; there’ll never be a day when you’re at a loss in figuring out what to do. Between sightseeing, try the local cuisine; a mixture of South Indian fare and traditional Jaffna cooking. The spices infused in the dishes will be a treat for the senses.

It’s definitely not the rough journey it used to be either; there are many rest houses and bed and breakfasts where you can stay, and if you’re looking for a greater experience, the newest hotel to open for business in the North, The Thinnai, is a great choice. The All-Suite Boutique Hotel epitomizes the traditional Jaffna hospitality. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and can recommend and arrange your sightseeing tours, and pamper you with the best in meals and care.

So if you’re looking for a reason to avoid Jaffna, there really isn’t any. It’s one of those places you’ll regret not visiting.